Jasmine Steyn ~ Therapeutic Reflexologist

Jasmine Steyn (Dip R)

Therapeutic Reflexologist

Incorporating Holistic Wellness, Meridians & Vacuflex Concepts

Reflexology helps optimise health and well being by stimulating self-healing mechanisms

Achieve Balance, Healing and Well Being ~ Jasmine Steyn ~ Therapeutic Reflexologist

Jasmine Steyn (Dip R)

Registration No: A11611

Pr No: 0599638

It's what we do consistently that makes the difference

I qualified as a reflexologist in 2015 and have worked in private practice as well as in the corporate space, being involved in wellness days and community service for children’s homes and retirement villages.

I use reflexology to treat and support all conditions, including but not limited to sinus congestion, compromised immunity, stress-related conditions, nervous system-related issues, insomnia, pain management, and infertility.  

I have a passion for finding the best personalised treatment protocols for my patients using nutrition and other complimentary and holistic healing modalities.

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Foot Reflexology

The application of pressure with massage-like techniques on specific points on the feet that correspond to organs and body parts.

Hand Reflexology

The application of pressure with massage-like techniques on specific points on the hands. This treatment is used when the foot cannot be worked on, or if the patient needs extra TLC.

Vacuflex Treatment

The vacuflex boot provides a ‘mini’ reflexology treatment. Once the boot is removed, different colours appear on the feet, giving an indication of the state of the organs / body parts (acidity, inflammation, acute / chronic pain, low oxygen levels). The second part of this treatment is the application of suction cups on specific meridian points for a short period of time. This helps stimulate the specific energy pathways.

Sinus Drainage

Facial massage on specific points on the face using essential oils.

Duration & Cost

Initial Consultation (min 1 hr) = R450

90 min Treatment = R590

60 min Treatment = R420

45 min Treatment = R350

30 min Treatment = R300

Foot Reading Analysis & Report = R490

  • Discounted rates for pensioners, students and children
  • Mobile services at your home or office ~ travel fees charged at R50 + R3.50 per km from my practice nearest to you
  • Treatment fee to be settled at your appointment
  • Foot Reading Analysis payment via EFT 
  • Medical Aid recognition

How will Foot Reading help me?

From a reflexology point of view, an assessment of the feet forms a value-added and important part of the case history. It might indicate key markers that the patient forgot to mention, or didn’t think was important enough, or maybe was not even aware of.

Whether you pass on your report to another reflexologist or holistic health practitioner, it can give them insight into the finer details of your case history.

What do I need from you?

For the report, you would need to provide me with clear photos of your feet ~ tops, bottoms and sides of both feet. I will provide you with a written interpretation of your physical and internal stress patterns, based on Reflexology theory

Foot Reading Analysis

What is Foot Reading?

Foot reading is the interpretation of your physical, psychological, and internal stress patterns, based on Reflexology theory. A foot assessment is done with every reflexology treatment, but a foot reading analysis where I provide you with a FULL REPORT is a lot more thorough and provides both the therapist and patient with more information. Usually, with reflexology, the therapist focuses a lot on the physical aspect of the body, whereas foot reading encompasses both psychological and physical aspects.

Your feet tell a (truthful) story. Awareness is an important factor in facilitating the healing process. Foot reading is not a diagnosis but will help you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what stress patterns have formed throughout your life.

If you have any questions about the foot reading analysis, or if would like to see an example report, please contact me. 

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